Supporting young people who find school a difficult place to be

For young people who are struggling with their mental and emotional health, school life can often be hard. Also, sometimes help is hardest to access for the people who need it most. That’s why we’ve set up an alternative education programme that specifically helps young people who aren’t accessing education as a result of struggles with mental and emotional health.

For one day each week, young people who are referred to us can come to the cafe where we run an engaging, interactive programme designed and run by our mentors. The day consists of one to one mentoring, life skills such as planning and cooking lunch, creative workshops exploring topics like resilience, relationships and health, and time to build healthy friendships with other young people who can form a network of support.

For those who need some additional time to talk things through, our counselling programme runs after school, and young people can stay on and meet with a counsellor.

Referrals come through Wilmslow High School, but you can enquire about spaces through the contact page.